iCare TONOVET is the tool that accurately measures the IOP (intraocular pressure) on animal patients. It is painless and therefore creates no anxiety.

The iCare TONOVET tonometer is intended for use by general veterinary practitioners, veterinary ophthalmologists and other veterinary medical personnel.

The TONOVET is based on a rebound measuring principle, in which a light weight probe is used to make momentary contact with the cornea. The gentle measurement does not need any anesthetic nor does it cause corneal reflex in the majority of animals.

The device is easy to use and requires no calibration.


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Why to measure eye pressure?

Most eye problems manifest themselves in the same way – a red eye. The pressure should always be measured from the red eyes. Too high or too low pressure can be an only symptom of more serious eye disease.

Animal eye pressure measuring is quick and easy with the handheld, small TONOVET tonometer. Painless measurement is barely noticed by the animal and does not require anesthesia nor the calibration of the device.

Eye pressure should be measured from:

  • Young patients to establish baseline readings
  • Patients older than 6-7 years
  • Patients predisposed to glaucoma (42 canine breeds)
  • Ocular examination patients
  • Head or eye trauma patients

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